Published On: Mon, Jan 6th, 2014

472 Anniversary of the Merida Foundation

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Last night hundreds of musicians and performers of the Yucatecan trova, accompanied by Municipal authorities and about 2,000 people, offered traditional songs and the traditional “Mañanitas” to the City of Merida on the celebration of the 472 anniversary of its founding.

In one of the most popular emotional expressions growing in the city, the meridians conducted the ” Alborada “, which is the traditional walk that runs from Santa Lucia Park to the Plaza Grande up to the front of Merida City Hall.

It is organized by the Municipal Cultural Direction, the musical journey started at 11pm, where the troubadours and the public interpreted some of the themes of the old Yucatecan trova and are now public domain.

Several “trios” and performers from the “Pastor Cervera”, “Guty Cárdenas”, “Armando Manzanero” and “Pepe Domínguez”, which are the most important Associations of Troubadours,  joined to one song dedicated to the City of Merida, the only City in the country that receives this type of recognition from their own musicians, residents and authorities.

The contingent arrived to the Plaza Grande, where two trios of each of the four associations performed songs in front of the City Hall, which was adorned with New Year lights.


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