Published On: Tue, Jan 21st, 2014

Cold front 29 approaching the Yucatan Peninsula

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“A new polar air mass, along with cold front No.29 , entered the Gulf of Mexico in mid- week, keeping cool mornings and evenings in the region over the next few days”,  stated Roberto Alvarez Finch, Head of  Conagua.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, minimum temperatures  of 13 and 16 degrees Celsius will be recorded, mainly in the south of the state .

Talking about Mérida, the temperature will be above 15 degrees Celsius , but for Thursday and Friday it can go down to 12 degrees.

While the cold front 29 is not coming directly towards the Yucatan Peninsula , it is predicted that a mass of cold air might cause winds that could range between 25 and 40 kilometers per hour in the East coast of Yucatan, plus some scattered showers.

By Friday a new cold front is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico , even though it might lose intensity over the central portion of the area. However,  it could generate an increase in wind speed in the region as well as some rain .

As for today, the maximum temperatures are expected to range between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius.






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