Published On: Fri, Jan 10th, 2014

450 new Police Officers in Yucatan

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Governor Rolando Zapata Bello announced the hiring of 450 extra officers for the State Secretary of Public Security, which will further enhance the monitoring across the city with the support of the municipal police. “These 450 new agents will join the more than three thousand 500 operating officers, and more than five thousand members of the municipal police, the latter also receive training to adequately perform their duties,” Zapata Bello declared.

The announcement was part of the inauguration of the auditorium of the SSP (Secretary of Public Security), in the building occupied by the so-called Security Complex at Periferico. Zapata Bello also presented the “Use of force in police operations”  workshop, which will be given to 250 members of this corporation, Federal Police and Municipal Police Merida by specialists Javier Ortiz Sullivan and Conrad Legendy, from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Governor Rolando Zapata Bello

Governor Rolando Zapata Bello

The SSP will increased its number of agents by hiring 450 new elements this year, as part of the action to strengthen the climate of peace, harmony and well-being that prevails in our dear State of Yucatan,” the governor Zapata Bello said.

The Yucatecan governor said that with the new additions referred to in the 2014 budget for the state, the SSP will have nearly 4,000 operational elements, which together with the bodies of federal and municipal security, are responsible for ensuring the safety of the Yucatecan families.

New elements of the State Police

Yucatan State Police Officers

With the addition of these new elements, the response time to a call for help will be greatly reduced, the frequency of the officers patrolling street by street in the neighborhoods of the Yucatan capital will increase as a preventive measure in the fight against crime.

Rolando Zapata noted that in addition to strengthening the coordination during the first year, more than 600 patrols for municipalities and the SSP were delivered. The governor also mentioned that  306 new surveillance cameras  will be added  to the 122 video devices of that type that have been working to maintain security at strategic points of the state for the last 15 years.

We are doing our share to ensure that Yucatan remains a safe entity,” he concluded

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