Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2013

“Xochimilco Cancun Park” Grand Opening Today

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Xperiencias Xcaret Group opening of the first phase of “Xochimilco Cancun” today, December 20th 2013.

In Mexico City there is a traditional destination called  “Xochimilco” which is a network of water channels on which boats known as “chinampas” and “trajineras” roam around with tourists aboard.

Located on a land of 60 hectares, only 10 minutes away from Cancun International Airport, Xperiencias Xcaret is developing a replica of this traditional tourist attraction.

Carlos Constandse, associate of the Xperiencias Xcaret Group, said that the investment is around $283 million pesos and also mentioned they are in conversations with the Federal Ministry of Tourism to aggressively promote “Xochimilco Cancun Park”, at the “Tourism Expo” in 2014, when the entire park will be completely finished.

Most of the rowers that we have in “Xochimilco Cancun” have previously worked in the real Xochimilco, in Mexico City; in fact many of these people are giving advice to the company to recreate the site as realistic and similar as possible to the sights and atmosphere of the famous lake area in the Mexican Capital City.

As previously reported, this project was carried out on an adjacent area of the lagoon, near the Cancun Country Club, next to the Cancun-Tulum highway.

Xochimilco Cancun

Xochimilco Cancun



Among here will be boat rides, kayaking, raft sailing through the river, etc., as well as other activities such as swimming and snorkeling.

There will also be fishing in artificial ponds, where visitors will have the opportunity to catch their own food and have it cooked in a restaurant inside the park for their own consumption.

“We will also have traditional Mexican musical groups such as Mariachis, Trios and Tovadores, just as they do in Xochimilco, the food is a gastronomic taste of Mexican wealth and many more of the elements that are used in Xochimilco.” Carlos Constandse said.

“The first stage will only operate from 6 to 8:30 pm , with 20 boats known as “trajineras” offering music, dinner and other amenities aboard.”

“Xochimilco Cancun  will be another attraction of our great State of Quintana Roo, that will be promoted nationally and internationally,” Constandse concluded.



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