Published On: Thu, Nov 28th, 2013

Another Drug Kingpin aprehended in Merida

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Agents of the Ministry of Public Security in Mérida arrested Francisco Morgado Suarez, a 34-year-old leader of a cell of the Sinaloa cartel in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The subject was arrested after intelligence investigations reports and was by sheer luck detained by one of the SSP for traveling at excessive speed in the north of the city.

He had an arrest warrant for murder after apparently killing a police officer in Chiapas. He hid in Yucatecan territory, where he had a cattle ranch and tried to maintain a low profile.

According to reports from SSP intelligence, Morgado Suarez was in charge of the local territory after last January, when Roberto Nájera Gutiérrez,the main leader of the zone was arrested. The previous leader Roberto Nájera was also hiding in Yucatan, and owned cattle ranches in the East as well before being captured.

Morgado Suarez was stopped in calle 71 por 28, fraccionamiento montes de ame, when he was driving recklessly near his house with a SUV Yukon model. At the moment of his arrest he was impertinent and tried to punch a policeman in the face.

Morgado Suarez was allegedly engaged in money laundering that belonged to the cartel. To avoid detection, Morgado Suarez rotated between residences in Quintana Roo and Yucatan. He operated in conjunction with Mateo Gabriel Dominguez , who was arrested in September 2012 near Altabrisa.

Francisco Morgado Suarez (Photo:

Francisco Morgado Suarez (Photo:



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