Published On: Mon, Nov 4th, 2013

Amazing performance by the “Igor Moiseyev Ballet”

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On Saturday November 2nd, the performance of the Russian Ballet Igor Moiseyev captivated the audience at the Peon Contreras Theatre.

National and International guests received with enthusiasm these outstanding ballet dancers, as one of the most expected events of the FICMaya Festival.

Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev (Kiev, January 8, 1906- Moscow November 2nd, 2007) was a Russian choreographer and dancer, one of the most acclaimed of the XX Century.

Igor Moiseyev State Academic Ensemble of Popular Dance was the World´s first professional choreographic collective to undertake artistic interpretation and promotion of the dance folklore of peoples of the world.

Igor Moiseyev ballet in Merida

Igor Moiseyev ballet in Merida

Moiseyev organized the State Academic Ensemble of Popular Dance in 1937. The Ensemble celebrates its anniversary each year on February 10th, which was the day when the company held the first rehearsal at the Pedagogical House in Moscow.

The debut concert of the troupe ocurred on August 29, 1937 in Moscow’s Hermitage Theater.

Moiseyev was named National Artist of the Soviet Union in 1953, Hero of Socialism in 1976, received the Lenin Prize, the Soviet State Prize, the Prize of the Russian Federation and numerous other awards.

Igor Moiseyev ballet in Mérida

Igor Moiseyev ballet in Mérida

Moiseyev’s Ballet Company masters the dancing discipline known as “nanayo” , which means “Boys fight”, and it is a conceptual recreation of  body combat between 2 young men, kicking and shoving to overthrow the opponent.

This performance was a clear example of the variety of traditions that the Russian Company has to offer. The work of these dancers is full of vitality, energy and physical abilities.





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