Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

103º Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution Parade

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On Wednesday November 20th, colorful prints and spectacular acrobatic routines were presented in Merida’s Downtown, 9,769 members participated in the civic parade commemorating the 103º anniversary of the Mexican Social Revolution, where civilians could experienced an atmosphere of patriotic fervor , gallantry and national identity.

Civic Parade

Civic Parade

From the balcony of the City Hall, Governor Rolando Zapata Bello and his wife Sarita Blancarte de Zapata, enjoyed the civic parade for four hours.

The parade, which attracted more than 20,000 people, took place from the “Monumento a la Patria” to San Juan Park in Downtown, Merida.

Later , the rumble of drums and sounds of trumpets  announced the presence of schools marching band, presenting 4,617 students dressed in sports uniforms divided in 68 groups representing educational institutions in the secondary levels , and higher education .

Among other schools, highlighted the presence of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) , the Technological Institute of Mérida (ITM ) , the Normal School ” Rodolfo Menendez de la Peña ” , Bachelor Colleges such as ( COBAY ) and National Education Technical professional (CONALEP ).

With a standing ovation from the audience, 970 members of the Ministry of Public Security ( SSP ) demonstrated various security strategies to stop criminals , hostage rescue techniques, canine actions, motorcycle stunts, pyramids and patrols.

Along with the support of the Sports Institute of Yucatan,  top athletes, who have participated in various competitions and have won regional , national and international medals for the State, including Sporting Merit and the Sport State Prize winner, Rommel Pacheco Marrufo also played an important role in the civic parade.

The event was also attended by Congressman, Luis Hevia Jiménez, the Secretaries General of Government , Victor Caballero Duran, and Public Security, Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda as well as the commander of Military Region X , Martin Cordero Luqueño.

Civic Parade

Civic Parade





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