Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2013

Census and Creation of Digital Map of Cenotes Continues

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Cenote Dzitnup

Cenote Dzitnup

The Secretary of Urban Development and Environment (SEDUM) has advanced concerning the Cenotes State Census Joint Task which includes students from the Metropolitan Technological University (UTM). The goal is to create a digital map of these natural water sources in the state.

According to the official website of the state agency, as of today, 2,241 cenotes have been recorded. They are divided into seven regions, of which 1,014 are completely open, 734 half open and 342 closed.

The Eastern region records a total of 553 cenotes, of which 260 are open, 170 half open and 89 are closed. In contrast the south region has the lowest presence of cenotes with 127.

Among the municipalities with the greatest presence of cenotes are Valladolid with 99, Yaxcabá with 70 and Temozón has 68 in the VI region which is the eastern part of the State.

In the Northwest region lies Tecoh with 128 cenotes, while in the Northeast, Tizimín counts with 235 and Buctzotz with 106, and in the center region the municipality of Homún has 114.

In recent days the SEDUMA stated building 3D images to track changes that the cenotes may present, as well as to have a digital map that allows them to know a little more about these underground caverns that serve as natural water reservoirs.

The first 3D image was created with the support of the UTM is for the cenote Tza Ujukat in Homún.



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