Published On: Fri, Jul 12th, 2013

A tolerance zone in Merida considered necessary

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prostisnotaThe president of the Civil Association Kairos Health Promoters(Kairos Promotores en Salud) Silvia Centeno Ruano considers necessary the establishment of a tolerance zone or approved establishments where prostitution takes place to prevent its proliferation on the streets without any sanitary control.

She recalled that many years ago there was a health check, “before, regular health checks were performed, but today is so dispersed throughout the city that there is no way to keep record on those who exercise this practice”.

The civil association only has an idea of the areas where prostitution is practiced openly. About 40 years ago the city had what is called a tolerance zone, which allowed the prostitutes to have regular health checks, this zone was shutdown during the term of former governor Carlos Loret de Mola, causing prostitution to be scattered around the city, explained Ceneno Ruano.

“Prostitution is believed to be the oldest profession in the world, and it would be a fallacy to think that we can get rid of it, so it is necessary to have a control zone again.”

She also explained that in European cities, such as Amsterdam, they have achieved in recent years a decrease in crimes against people who engage in prostitution, because they are somewhat protected by the state.  In Merida, she noted, people do not want to talk about it, but recognize that it exists in areas such as Plaza Grande, 60th Street, and avenues Itzaes and Jacinto Canek, where both men and women offer their services in total tranquility covered by a civil association that cannot understand that this is a social problem.

“Although we dislike the idea, it is a work in which there is a customer that buys and someone sells, but the part that is bought and sold is a human being.”

Finally she considers the tolerance zone as beneficial for both, the seller and the buyer in security and health matters.





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