Published On: Fri, Jun 14th, 2013

Q. Roo Crime Report

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1206policias_sedena13Cancun Q.Roo.-Elements of the Municipal Preventive Police of Cancun headed by the Secretary of Public Security and Traffic, Jesus Aiza Kaluf, accompanied by Brigadier General, Manuel Virgilio Morales Herrera, commander of the military garrison in Cancun, conducted the first of a series of operations to prevent burglary to houses and pedestrians, as well as maintain the police presence throughout the city.

As part of the strategy to inhibit crime by the Mayor of Cancun, Julian Ricalde Magaña, more police presence will be on the streets to reach in a timely manner emergency calls from the public, this time supported by SUBSEMUN and with resources of the city.

adulteradoCancun Q. Roo.-Adulterated alcohol from Mexico City, State of Mexico and Belize Free Zone, has been detected by Secretary of Health (SESA) during inspections in bars and restaurants the hotel zone and downtown Cancun.

The inspections were launched as a follow up of complaints and incidents with adulterated alcohol consumption that have caused accidents and even deaths in tourists visiting this destination.

Establishments involved in the issue have not yet been released to the public by direct request of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Food (CANIRAC), however the state authority will list businesses that have to be regularized.

19 cubanosCozumel Q. Roo.- 19 Cubans, 16 men and 3 women that claimed to be in the sea for 20 days were seized Tuesday morning by the Mexican Army on the East Coast of the island of Cozumel. The Cubans were seeking any way possible, to reach the United States.

They were transferred to the Local National Migration Institute (INM) in Cancun for deportation to their home.
This is another incident surrounded by wide suspicion, because the Cubans arrived in perfect health condition which is not expected after being, as they reported, 20 days at sea,  for many people this would be lethal , but they do not seem affected.

The authorities suspect that in reality the people are being transported in yachts of traffickers, who transfer them to a raft at a very short distance from the coast, that for this service they charge an average 10,000 USD to get them out of Cuba and leave them in Mexico. The laws favor them because the INM almost always leaves them free, and if they manage to cross to the United States immediate residency is granted under the so-called Cuban Adjustment Act, a situation that does not occur with any other Latin American nationality and is used skillfully by human traffickers.

 Cancun Q. Roo.- In the past three years, gangs in Cancun have increased by up to 200 percent, even though municipal authorities reported relatively small numbers, the reality is that the problem is significant.

According to the City Crime Observatory, gangs have increased for the lack of appropriate programs to offer to the youth with sports and recreational activities, which is something that has been put aside in recent government administrations.

The Ministry of Public Security reports a statistical figure that specifies the existence of 102 youth groups of gangs. However, unofficial sources reports 160 gangs.

Another significant factor in gang growth in Cancun has been the lack of police presence as well as prevention patrolling by the Ministry of Public Security of Cancun.

Because there are already specific places where these groups gather together, fear territories have appeared in various parts of the city.

 The regions with problems with gangs are: 76, 95, 101, 227, 236, 247, 234, 233 and 259, the last one is where recently a murder of 16-year-old was registered.

shotsCancun Q. Roo.-  The Grasshopper, an independent drug dealer, and mechanic, Jose Ruben González Angle was shot apparently for an order to be executed last Monday afternoon in the vicinity of the region 235.

Julian de la Cruz, cousin of Jose Gonzalez told the Public Prosecutor that his cousin was involved in drugs dealing independently in different parts of the city.

For this reason, the authorities indicated that the main line of investigation into the case is an adjustment by organized crime.

Cancun Q. Roo.- Royber García Rodríguez (a) “Roy”, 16 years of age, was killed by two men on a motorcycle, according to witnesses.  

The autopsy reviled that the teenager was shot eight times with a .9 mm caliber pistol, which caused her fatal internal bleeding.

The State Judicial Police (PJE) is investigating the members of the gang who Garcia had problems with. According to investigations by the State Judicial Police (PJE), the murder of the young gang member was revenge from a rival gang in the city.

Cancun Q. Roo.- Even when three members of the Gulf Cartel in Cancun are involved in executions, kidnappings and drug dealing, the Fourth Criminal Judge Alex Ramiro Ayala Buenfi sentenced Joshua Andrés Barredo Ramírez (a) “The Chicken”, Maya Yarazeth Cano Castillo (a) “Yara” and Oswaldo Sánchez Gómez to 10 to 11 months in jail, which is the minimum sentence.

Authorities of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) are awaiting for the judge dictated sentence against “Chicken” for first degree murder, while the Attorney General  Office of the Republic (PGR) is finishing the pile of the other two subjects for connection with organized crime and violation of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives.

Just a few days apart when the name of the judge Alex Ramiro Ayala Buenfil surfaced in a severe act of corruption in the city, now he declares minimum sentences against very dangerous members of the Gulf Cartel.



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