Published On: Fri, May 24th, 2013

Q. Roo weekly crime report

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PLAYA DEL CARMEN. The Municipal Police of Playa del Carmen received a call reporting a body lying on the ground at Avenida Boulevard Colosio.

At arrival, the authorities found the body of a transvestite of 25 to 30 years of age, the medical examiner reported multiple bruises on the face, skull and body and a gray blouse tied around the neck of the victim, so it is presumed the cause of death was suffocation.

There was no evidence of use of knives or fire. The Judicial Police found no clear line of investigation other than drug dealing or derecho de piso payment to organized crime, which is known to be 200 USD per week. The body has not been identified yet.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN. The body of a Canadian resident, Rachel Lynn Eavle, of 60 years old was found inside her property in the subdivision Pueblo Sac-be, located behind La Guadalupe in Yaa-kun Avenue.

Presumably, she died of suffocation, but her body presented at least two stab wounds to the chest, and was found in a decomposed stage; the authorities estimated that the Canadian woman had been dead for 48 hours before she was found.

Police believe the motive for the murder was robbery. There is a lot of pressure to solve this case to not affect the image of the foreign community living in the area.



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