Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2013

Future Health Projects in Collaboration with Michigan State University

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Michigan UniversityDuring a meeting with Governor Rolando Zapata Bello, the Associate Dean of the Osteopathic Medicine School at Michigan State University, Reza Nassiri, expressed the interest of the school to cooperate with state authorities to improve the health system in Yucatan.

During a meeting in the public relations room the representatives from Michigan State University highlighted the development of health projects like telemedicine, clinical skills, osteopathic knowledge and hemodialysis units in public hospitals in Yucatan.

25 American University students are in the state as part of an academic exchange, they expressed their recognitions for the health services in the state, such as the management of the general consultation and pregnancy care to women in a series of tours through the hospitals Dr. Augustine O’Horan , the  Korea-Mexico Friendship Hospital and Health Center of Progreso.

Zapata Bello said the State Government will support these projects to strengthen the universal right to health care and access to medical services. He also thanked the bond of friendship and the students are taking an important stage of their academic preparation in Yucatán.

During the meeting, the medicine students gave away baseball caps of Michigan State University and a certificate of appreciation to the Governor of the State, in addition to naming him an honorary member of this university.

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