Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2013

“Dragon Mart” investors and authorities ignore Coparmex

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The unknowns on the “Dragon Mart” project in Cancun continue to rise and the omission of answers continues its course by Chinese investors who have not yet complied with the request of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex). Chinese investors are supposed to provide a detail of the project to analysis professionals.

Coparmex president, Juan Pablo Castanon Castanon spoke exclusively for Pulso Politico, he emphasized that they have asked investors of “Dragon Mart” for more details of the project, but have yet to receive a reply. They have petitioned the Ministry of Economy (SE), receiving no information to check how much the China investment could benefit or affect the economy in Mexico.

“We even talked to the presidents of the business centers of the area, who have told us that it is a very attractive investment in jobs and will boost development, but also we do not know the project in detail and we need to analyze it, unfortunately the issues have been handled in the media but they have not tried to consult us technically” said the businessman.

productos-chinos-300x196He said they have had no response from Chinese entrepreneurs, and mentioned they will ask the relevant authorities to discuss the project in detail, having the relevant conditions, retain equity, not create inequality and help reduce disparities, and he stressed “if the complex business complies with Mexican law and not on a basis of inequality with Mexican entrepreneurs themselves, we will give full support.”

He said he is aware that it is a purely productive plan, where employers would bring home goods from China and will only be marketed under the “Dragon Mart” brand specifically to certain commercial practices of the Chinese market that it promotes and protects.

“The Dragon Mart should be studied so that the plant does not affect Mexican trade, responsibly we sought the details of the project but we have had no response from investors, nor from the authorities.”

Castanon Castanon said that as a fundamental principle, the project investors must fully expose the plans to the Mexican authorities who will enforce these laws in Mexico so that every company who does not practice them are punished.

“We see on the one hand it is a great value opportunity and development, on the other hand we see that it requires further study of the same project for compliance with the laws and especially that it will not generate an uneven playing field.”

He stressed that as any investment it is worth promoting analysis and that it will always generate employment opportunities and development for Mexico, “this particular project has a very interesting approach to exhibition and sale of foreign goods that would settle in Cancun, they estimate they would receive a million customers a year, but we will have to analyze all interest and they will have to comply with all the regulations and not have competitive inequality “.

“We are concerned by the size of the project and we want to take a stand, because it is a shopping complex of a significant investment and we aware that the Municipal authority will act as the Federal monitor to it, they must comply with regulations or otherwise be punished with all attachment to Mexican law “concluded the leader of the Confederacy Employers.

Cecilia Soto, Pulso Politico



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