Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2012

New Strategies Against Crime in Yucatan

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“Public security is a very important matter to fully ensure the development of Yucatan, therefore we will strengthen the police and justice forces as well as crime prevention with the public participation, because the fight against crime we will never give a step back,” said the Governor Rolando Zapata Bello during installation of State Public Security Council 2012-2018.

Before the regional coordinator of the National Public Security System, Jacobo Torres Pérez, Gov. Zapata Bello stressed that the prevention policy and the involvement of citizens will be a mainstay for a safe society, the results will be reflected in attracting investment, entrepreneurship and job creation.

“We do have good security indicators. It is true that our visitors are surprised for the peace and order prevailing in this land, now it’s time to make those results last longer, to make the state the safest in the country, which will be an honor that future generations will enjoy. I want to make myself clear that we will be a responsive and prompt government, firm to fight any crime.”

The Governor announced his security strategy, that includes the creation of the State Center of Social Prevention and Citizen Participation against Crime, which will boost the State Public Security System Law of Yucatan as main leading axis and action to be taken in the 106 municipalities.

Zapata Bello noted that from a regional perspective, several highway units will be installed and equipped in border points of access to the state like Tizimín, Izamal, Tekax Maxcanú in addition to the works taking place in Valladolid to decentralize government services, so strategic locations of the state are well guarded.

The current administration will also invest in equipment, infrastructure and training for police and justice forces to provide them with all the tools to protect the society, but, the Governor said, “the work of the authorities alone will not be enough, public participation will be crucial to protect our streets and our neighborhoods from crime.”

Rolando Zapata concluded that with the strong support of the Army, Navy, Air Force, the public security institutions of the Federation and the professional work of state and municipal authorities “It is time to get to work for the security of our families and the security of Yucatán. We can gain very good results.”

By Raul Ponce de Leon Curmina



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