Published On: Mon, Aug 13th, 2012

Mayan World Musuem Pieces Selected by Governor and INAH

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Skeletons and funeral ornaments found in cenotes or archaeological sites and trails that once graced Maya pre-Hispanic cities, which are currently shown in the Regional Museum of Anthropology, will be added soon to the pieces that will be part of the exhibition of the Mayan World Museum, announced authorities of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Gov. Ivonne Ortega Pacheco and the Yucatan official of the INAH, Eduardo Lopez Calzada, toured the facilities of the Canton Palace, where the process of selecting the pieces to be moved to the museum is taking place. The specialists will select from more than 1,000 archeological pieces to be seen by local, domestic, and foreign tourists.

The museum project coordinator, Jose Ortiz Lanz, stressed the importance of including in the exhibition an interesting variety of remains, such as pots, utensils, hunting tools, and even one of the few circular stone steeles left from the Maya world.

During the tour in the Canton Palace, the Governor stressed the importance of having a specific place to show the Maya culture. “The Maya culture never has had its own place to be shown; the Canton Palace was built for other purposes. We have not decided yet how many pieces are going to be taken to make the museum, their new home; every single piece has great value.”

In the other hand, the director of the patronage CULTUR Jorge Esma Bazan commented that the construction work is on schedule, both in the exterior and the interior, as well as the IMAX Theater.



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