Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2012

“Pamplona” Cancels Garbage Collection for August 14

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The City of Merida formally responded to the demands of the Union of Garbage Collection “Pedro C. Pamplona”. The city declared that they have no money to pay the company in order to continue providing garbage collection for the residents of Merida.

The general secretary of the union, Roman Noh Estrada, received the notification of “no payment” from the responsible person, Norman Zinbeck of the Department of Municipal Utilities.

“We talked to him and we have pointed out the bill of 1.3 million pesos that the City of Merida must pay to our garbage collection company, he personally responded that he was sorry, but there is no money to pay and hopefully the next administration might solve the problem,” said Noh Estrada.

August, 14 is set as a deadline by the garbage collection company to make the decision of suspending its services for one to two days in the areas assigned to “Pamplona” in the city of Merida, depending on whether an agreement is made by then or not.

The company “Pedro C. Pamplona”, collets garbage in the north-west side of Merida covering 58,600 meridians and 2,800 businesses.

The company has 11 trucks, Noh Estrada said, three of them are in poor condition to provide the service, and the other eight are deteriorating every day for lack of funds to purchase spare parts and give them proper maintenance. Also, they have 89 workers who are paid every week, and there have been difficulties since last April to pay them on time.

Estrada Noh added that every week the company spends 62,000 pesos to provide fuel to each of the eight trucks to cover their routes, and each time, they are forced to reduce expenditures under this category.

“2003 was the last increase for the rate of garbage collection, we charge 17 pesos, but the city of Merida gives us a subsidy of 3 pesos, so that our homes and commercial rates are at 14 pesos, plus the city owes us a 10 percent stimulus for providing the service every day of the year including holidays,” said the union leader.

Pamplona has not received payment since last April for the 3 peso subsidy as agreed with the City. From that time officials of the Department of Public Services have answered that there is no money.

“As of August 14, we will suspend for one to two days the service to the citizens and businesses within our routes, because we cannot in anyway afford the expenses, we have no money for gas or can we pay our 89 workers. The elected mayor of Merida, Renan Barrera Concha is aware of the situation, he spoke to us, and asked us not suspend the service, and hopefully when he takes office in September we can look for a solution to our economic demand.”

The union urges the Mayor Alvaro Pacheco Lara Omar to pay at least 40 percent, thus the company can have money to put gas in the trucks to continue the garbage collection service.





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