Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2012

Outgoing Legislature Let Down LGBT Community

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The PAN Deputy Lizbeth Medina Rodriguez recognized that the outgoing local legislature has let down the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community in relation to the Law Against Discrimination, as the problem persists without, in most cases, punishing those responsible for discrimination.

Medina Rodriquez considers that a main factor for harassment, even from the authorities towards the people with different sexual preferences, is a cultural issue. One that continues rejecting those who are outside the parameters of a conventional society.

“It’s a human rights issue that must be solved,” Medina Rodriquez said.

Medina Rodriguez also commented that “Yucatan is one of the states with the highest discrimination problems; there is discrimination against women, indigenous, people with disabilities, and people with different sexual preferences. There is a need to be aware; our society lacks a culture of understanding towards others and recognizing that all citizens have equal rights and equal opportunities.”

The Deputy considers that family relatives are the first to discriminate or rejecting homosexuals, “friends and family make fun of them and then the authorities not only violate their human rights but their individual rights, by not responding properly to complaints.”

She also stressed, that Yucatan legislature is “backwards” in terms of other legislation such as the State of Mexico that is more open to sexual preferences, perhaps because Yucatan has a moral society that sticks to traditions and to the conventional format of family.

“As we open our minds and understand the rights of others, we will advance as a society, but now we [the deputies] owe to this sector and many others reform against discrimination,” Medina Rodriguez said.



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