Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2012

Active Policemen Commit Robbery

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Merida, Yuc July 30.-

Five agents from the SSP and 2 ex-cops from the State Police were part of a robbery band lead by the ex-commander Alfredo Leal Chaires, who recently committed a robbery at the Hacienda Misné.

The band was arrested by the State Police itself. Two of the officers put in to custody are part of the elite group called, the Zorros of the SSP, and the other three were part of the same corporation during the last administration. They were presented before the sixth penal Court, where the State Attorney General asked to apply all the pressure of the law to these officers.

During the robbery, the suspects stole $31,000 pesos in cash and two laptop computers from the Hacienda Misné, where they threatened and beat-up the hotel employees.

The cops denied all the accusations, but the hotel´s security camera recorded the car used in the robbery, that was the same one driven by the suspect agent at the time of the arrest.

The suspects are Alfredo Leal Chaires, Enrique Rodrtiguez Aguilar, Jesús Atocha Peniche Argáez, Emanuell Iván Rosado Leal and Juan Ariel Cárdenas González.

The head the SSP Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda stated that he will not hesitate to act against “fallen” cops, and fortunally there are just a handful of them in the present administration. He also stated that these shameful actions does not affect the image of the SSP, but the opposite, because the suspect officers have been arrested.



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