Published On: Tue, Jul 31st, 2012

Human Skull Death Threat to Candidate Mayor of Mama

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A human skull appeared in the main square of the municipality of Mama with a death threat against the candidate for the PRI Mayor Amado Hau Chable, who is running for mayor.

Along with the human skull a message was left which reads: “Dear Hau Chable this is your future.”

According to villagers, the message was first seen around 11 am in the main square, across from the church and the City Hall, there are no witnesses of who delivered this unusual message to the PRI candidate.

Mama is currently governed by the National Action Party, which durring the past elections the two principal parties ended up having the same amount of votes, 927.

The PRI candidate, Hau Chablé already filed a complaint to the authorities; he also stated the he will not fall for provocation from the opposite party.

“The behavior of the PAN shows they are desperate and have no support from the federal government.”

The PRI candidate accused  Nidia Couoh, the “village´s witch” as the responsible of this horrid view, Couoh is currently the secretary of the City Hall in Mama.

In 2004, the same woman was identified as responsible for leaving a voodoo doll at the doorway of the home of  the candidate for PRI, Eliezer Hernandez Ascencio.

In 2010, she sent “funerary flowers” to the son of the politician, Abraham Hernandez Medina, who made it candidate for PRI in that year, running for mayor of Mama.

As of today, it is unknown who is the author of the threatening message.



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