Published On: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2012

Dreaded Pirate El Olones has Yucatan Tourists Trembling in Excitement

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Yucatan´s newest and most exciting tourist attraction has now arrived to Progreso, El Olones Pirate Ship. Setting sail through the Riviera Yucateca and featuring a full cast of pirates, El Olones is an authentic replica of a French Galleon, the first of its kind for Yucatan and the only French Galleon sailing for tourists in Mexico harbors.

El Olones was built and designed by local architect, Arturo Briceño Villacís and Maribel Carrillo Campos who contracted most of the professional labor to boat makers in Campeche, a neighboring state of Yucatan.

After four long years and over 4 million pesos, El Olones took its first maiden public voyage in June 2012 and performed spectacularly, not to mention the rave reviews in each of the local papers.

Fully equipped and complying with local safety regulations, El Olones offers a unique view of Yucatan´s gorgeous coastline on what owner Briceño states is “an incredibly stable platform”. The Captain has a couple different routes and chooses the most calm of those to sail, while professional pirate dancers and actors give their passengers an unforgettable three hour ride.

A full tavern style bar and live entertainment is not all this gorgeous ship offers, designed with the mind-set of authentic replication Arturo hired special artists to come on board and paint the ship’s hull, board by board to give it an authentic feel of antiquity, despite its fully modern construction.

El Olones feature voyage is a spectacular event that is a definite do-not- miss by tourists and locals alike. The pirates set sail at 5:30 pm every Saturday night to give its passengers the chance of a lifetime, the unique ambience that only Yucatan´s gorgeous white sand beaches offers as the sun lazily drops herself into the glittering sea. Aboard the ship on this evening feature voyage is a romantic air with live music, dancing, and of course plenty of drinks and botanas.

To top it off Captain “Olones” schedules several different events every month with limited booking aboard the normally 100 passenger capacity, visit their facebook page for more info and schedules.

“El Olones” is available for exclusive reservation´s with a minimum of 30 passengers and a maximum of 100. Arturo is more than happy to cater to events, you can even fish if you like! For private reservations you can contact Arturo directly through his facebook page .

Anyone can purchase the very accessibly priced tickets by asking at the front desk of any hotel in Merida or by going directly to the Puerto de Abrigo de Yucalpeten where El Olones docks. El Olones website is currently under construction and will be launched soon, where you will also be able to purchase tickets and make reservations.

El Olones sails at 5:30 pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. It´s feature sunset voyage sails every Saturday night at 5:30 pm.

If bad weather affects the coast, El Olones will either reschedule your tour or fully reimburse your purchase.

El Olones Pirate Galleon is destined to become a top attraction for Yucatan. Experiencing El Olones is one of the most exhilarating and unique charter ventures in Yucatan and provides high-end live entertainment to passengers of all ages, a definite bucket list check off, and great fun for kids and parents alike as they become immersed in the tales of pirates, sword fighting, singing, dancing, and for the ladies, one seriously hot Captain Olones!





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