Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2012

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling to Yucatan

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With the kick-off of summer vacation´s being this week, here is a great little list that could very well make the difference between a great vacation in Yucatan and a miserable one. Enjoy! And feel free to add your personal suggestions or experiences in the comment section below. Just keep it clean, we do moderate comments and we do have advertising options available for businesses…

1. Don´t forget to make multiple copies of important travel documents,

like passports and birth certificates, take copies with you and leave copies with family or friends at home along with the details of your stay and emergency contact numbers.






2. Don´t contribute to child labor,

Even though it´s sad to see kids selling items to tourists, they are selling in the streets because there is a market, tourists.





3. Do enjoy off-the-beaten-path tourist spots. 

These abundant locations are relatively easy to find and provide a truly remarkable and memorable experience. Even though visiting Chichen-Itza is on the top of nearly every tourist list, there are hundreds of gorgeous Mayan pyramids very near to Chichen without the crowds, tourist-traps, and long lines. Yucatan has a trove of treasures to uncover for the adventurous traveler. Try experiencing these while staying at a luxurious Hacienda or B&B rather than the staunch sterility of a chain hotel. Most owners are ready and willing to help you in whatever you might need, at no extra cost to you.


4. Spend some extra time learning about the culture. 

You will soon be fully immersed in all things Yucateco and you can easily learn about Yucatan by watching videos or reading articles that have been locally written by foreigners who live here. This will help prepare you for interaction, but can also spark your interest in something you might not have known about and would have missed out on.


5. Buy at least one original Yucatan souvenir.

Like a live & brightly jeweled Maquech brooch, locally hand embroidered clothing, or a personalized artisan trinket. All of these and many more hand-made and inexpensive items will spark great conversations about your adventure and can easily be found in Merida´s historic downtown.


6. Take a stroll down Paseo Montejo at night.

Either in a carriage or by foot, the architecture displayed will leave you awed and wanting more.







7. Dance with the locals.

Street dancing is a common occurrence nearly every night in the downtown area but also in the local parks.






8. Soak in the romantic atmosphere.

By either sitting under a palapa on Yucatan´s white sand beaches or at one of the multiple downtown restaurants where live music and happy people enjoy the natural ambiance of romance and joy.





9. Learn some basic Spanish.

Like “how much does this cost?” and “can you give me directions?” if you don´t have time to learn the language, hire a translator to accompany you or be on call by phone. There are plenty to choose from and most at a surprisingly low cost. A translator will prove invaluable if you ever find yourself lost or in a difficult situation.





10. Be careful when choosing a tour guide. 

Know what you want to see and where you want to go first and then match your guide to your desires. The little bit of extra effort put into discovering Yucatan before you settle on a guide will arm you with the knowledge you will need to avoid a negative situation and thoroughly enjoy your vacation.





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