Published On: Fri, Apr 13th, 2012

Increase of Immigrants in to Yucatan, mostly from U.S.: INM

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The National Institute of Immigration (INM) reported that last year 2,963 people applied for a FM3 visa that allows a legal stay in the country for more than 180 days.

Citizens from Europe, United States, South America and Asia are the ones attracted by the Maya culture and its “prophecies “about the new era change next December 21, 2012.

United States leads the list with 1,091 applications, Canada with 391, Cuba 312, China 107, Italy 92, France 84 and Spain 82. Also, 68 citizens from England, 65 from Colombia, 60  from Belize, Venezuela with 57, Argentina 53, Germany 43, Honduras 46 and Brazil 26.

Benito Fernando Rosel  Isaac head of the INM office in Yucatan considers that “Maya Prophecies”  and the extensive tourist promotion of Yucatan in other countries is the cause of this increase of immigrants  in the state.

Fernando  Rosel added that there is a colony of residents from the U.S: in Merida downtown that mostly live in colonial houses, residents from Canada attracted by the weather have established a colony in the coastal area.

In addition, there are several colonies of Cubans due to the academicals, commercial and cultural exchange in the region.



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