Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2012

SSP staff will be trained by elite officers from Israel police forces

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1,350 members of the Secretary of Public Security of Yucatan will take the course “Specialist Police Training” conducted by experts from Israel police forces, who have trained police officers in various parts of the world.

The course will have a total of 2,700 hours of training, declared the head of the SSP Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda. The elements enrolled in this course come from different areas of the Corporation; it is not an exclusive training for special groups.

“Forming new generations of police officers, as well as the continuous training of the active elements make the State SSP an institution responsible and committed to the people and the Government of Yucatan,” said Saiden Ojeda.

The objectives of the course is the physical training in police operations, definition of personality, attitude and mental state, improvement in the use of weapons, the use of advance technology equipment in tactical units, as well as strengthening the operational aspect of law enforcement.



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