Published On: Fri, Apr 15th, 2011

DICONSA Stores Impose Conditions on the Sale of Corn

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by: Bernardo Caamal Itzá.

The housewives of Peto are extremely upset by the manner in which the DICONSA stores of this town are speculating with corn, forcing consumers to buy products equivalent to 40 and 80 pesos in groceries or other products, in order to be entitled to purchase this commodity.

For example, the DICONSA branch located in Colonia 3 Cruces indicated to its consumers that it should only sell 10 kilos per person, and in exchange for also selling its products.


According to the store managers of DICONSA – reporting “off the record” that these are measures imposed by federal authorities – the Internet site for the Secretariat of Social Development (Spanish: Secretaría de Desarrollo Social; abbreviated “SEDESOL”) reports that the corn supply is guaranteed and nowhere is there any indication of any conditioning imposed on the sale of this basic grain.

For us it is difficult it to buy this way, because sometimes we only have money to buy corn and that also affects the way we feed our backyard animals”, said one of the interviewees.

The truth is that corn prices at DICONSA are well below the market rate, with a cost of 178 for a sack of 50 kilos, in addition to the food vouchers requested by the managers.  On the other hand in normal stores, a bag of corn has a cost between 245 to 260 pesos, which is why the fact these types of establishments are an aid for families, nevertheless with the conditioning imposed on its sale there is concern among consumers.

In view of these circumstances the Peto housewives called on the authorities at the three levels so as to make them aware of the problem they are facing with respect to basic foods, and finally asked the authorities to officially clarify these types of dispositions that affect the families of Peto.



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