Published On: Fri, Jan 28th, 2011

Merida and Juanes to send a message of peace to Mexico and the world

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Mayor Angelica Araujo Lara announced that she is ready for the concert in this city of the international singer Juanes on Saturday January 29, which is expected to attend over 80 thousand people and will send, she said, a message of peace to Mexico and the world.
Juanes has placed Merida as the first city to visit on his extensive North American tour this year with the aim of bringing together the inhabitants of the city, a message to reign the union and harmony among human beings and together counter poverty, she said.
“We will send a message of peace, and we will be under extremes of security, order and care that will permit at the maximum the enjoyment for this important event,” said the mayor before the representatives of the media gathered at the Cultural Center Room 3 of the Olympio.
Accompanied by senior officials and commanders of the police forces of the federal, state and municipal as well as directors of the City council and Angelica Araujo Lara stated that there has been distributed 80,000 free tickets.
She mentioned that this number of attendees is expected, notwithstanding the fact that most people will want to go to the areas designated for the concert, on Paseo Montejo, a stretch of the Monument a la Patria to the roundabout Justo Sierra, with the possibility of further expansion for the path of the audience.
Undersecretary of Roads Services, Martín Inurreta Domínguez said that an integrated security appliance for corporate federal, state and municipal levels will be to ensure that the concert takes place without incident, for which they have been provided with the necessary items.
The mayor said the convening of the Juanes concert in Merida has been reflected in a massive response, which is an important factor for the economy and culture, but especially to re-launch the name of Merida on the world stage.
“So far we have received good reports of hoteliers and people connected with tourism, with regard to the influx of visitors to our city for the Peace Concert,” the mayor said, referring to demand for tickets from District Federal, Campeche, Quintana Roo and Tabasco.
Reported that the singer of “La Camisa Negra” will come to Merida on a private flight to meet first with the members of the Congress, which will be to distinguish the singer as “Meridano of honor” and “messenger of peace” by the City Merida.
Then, in about 14 hours give a press conference in the same room for the Grammy award-winner to directly express his feelings and emotions prior to the completion of the City Concert for Peace.
Later, the singer Juanes will accompany the Mayor of Merida on a tour of work in Xcunya, where the artist will be honored by for the presence of the presentation of the Comprehensive Program to Combat Poverty Solidarity Network.
The singer will witness the launch of this program that aims to benefit 12,000 families to get them out of the poverty in which they live. The mayor said that Juanes was interested in coming to this rural community to get in touch with the lifestyle of its inhabitants.
Angelica Araujo noted that Juanes is a man motivated and committed to social causes, which advocates peace and is concerned about the poverty that exists in many countries.
It was reported that the rest of the agenda of the singer will be designed to refine details of what will be one of the most important concert recorded in Mérida in recent years, which will be held on January 29, 2011, at about 21:00 hours at the Monument a la Patria.



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