Video warns of ATM card cloners in Merida

ATM scammers use PIN-capturing devices to clone cards.

A video currently circulating on social networks reportedly shows evidence of devices to clone debit cards at ATMs in Merida. The video shared by a user of Facebook More...

City Hall moving to reduce street vendors in Merida

A street vendor in Merida tends to his stands. (PHOTO:

Merida Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal said that during his administration more permits for street vendors have not been issued, and on the contrary, their number has been decreasing. Interviewed More...

More details emerge about planes’ near miss at Merida airport

Aerial view of Merida International Airport. (PHOTO:

Some additional details are emerging about a near collision of two jetliners at Merida International Airport reported July 14 in The Yucatan Times. In the near-miss incident More...

Front exterior of Hotel Luz en Yucatan, which was originally a convent connected to adjacent Santa Lucia Church. (PHOTO: Robert Adams)

Tour-guides-turned-hoteliers mark 10 years at Luz en Yucatán

On Dec. 1, 2016, Tom Williams and Donard O’Neill will celebrate a 10-year ride as owners of Merida’s Hotel Luz en Yucatán. Like the good Yucatecans they’ve become, More...

HBO bets that YouTuber will make Mexicans laugh

HBO Latin America has tapped one of Mexico’s most famous YouTubers to star in the country’s first late night satirical news show which will premiere this Friday July 22, More...

abejas-producen-la-miel Maya Honey, organic Yucatecan honey going global

In the Yucatan Peninsula, the millenary practice of apiculture has been very important since the Maya...

jinko solar farm With two new solar power plants in Yucatan, Mexico aims to reach clean energy goals

Mexico has taken a major step towards meeting its clean energy goals, Energy Minister Pedro Joaquin...

American girl reported missing in Valladolid, found in Tulum (Photo: yucatan al minuto) American girl reported missing in Valladolid, found in Tulum

The State Attorney General (FGE) Kidnapping Specialized Unit (UEC) informed that a 15 year old girl from Pennsylvania,...

Destination Río Lagartos: Canadians near end of year-long paddling journey

The three kayakers one year ago in an early leg of their expedition. (PHOTO:

On July 15, 2015, The Yucatan Times posted an article about a daunting kayak expedition from Canada to Yucatan. More...

Chicxulub residents hope for more exposure for meteorite crater

CHICXULUB PUERTO –  A three-faced monolith and a rock hewn in the shape of a bone with a misspelled text carved..

Topless bathers in Progreso instructed to cover up

PROGRESO — Two women from Barcelona learned that Mexico is not Spain when Progreso police came to tell them to put..

Restaurante Las Jaibitas: If you’re passing, keep passing…


Review: Restaurante Las Jaibitas If you’re passing, keep passing… Exclusive review for The Yucatan Times More...

Top dishes to know and taste when visiting the Yucatan

“Travel Weekly” author Meagan Drillinger from New York City, has been writing about travel since 2009. Her journeys have taken her..

Raise a glass for National Tequila Day, July 24th!

Surrounded by myths, legends, and lore, tequila fills as many cups as Starbucks’ coffee. Tequila’s rich history as one North America’s..
Balandro, Baja California Sur (PHOTO: Chuck Bolotin)

The most magnificent beaches around La Paz, Baja California Sur (Road Trip Part VIII)

Follow Chuck Bolotin, from Best Places in the World to Retire, as he, his wife, and two dogs drive through Mexico..
Use a pool harness to swim in place. (PHOTO: Andrea Aguilar)

Pool exercises are a good way to burn calories and beat Merida’s summer heat

Andrea Aguilar, a recent arrival in Merida, is sharing her experiences as a new member of the community. Here is her..

Restaurante Las Jaibitas: If you’re passing, keep passing…

Review: Restaurante Las Jaibitas If you’re passing, keep passing… Exclusive review for The Yucatan Times by Stewart Mandy “Las Jaibitas” opened..